xGeorgia Bulldogs: Is Todd Grantham Hearing the NFL’s Call?

According to recent reports, Todd Grantham’s agent has been approached by the Atlanta Falcons about their defensive coordinator’s position—a position left vacant by the departure of Brian Van Gorder.

Grantham, is currently in talks with the University of Georgia on a contract extension and is expected to re-sign with the Bulldogs any day now, but this latest development could make Grantham’s agent giddy, particularly if he’s looking for a sweeter deal, from Georgia, for his client.

While it’s been said that Georgia’s athletic director, Greg McGarity, doesn’t deal with agents where such things are concerned, one never knows how these situations truly work behind closed doors. And, with Grantham putting forth his best effort to help Georgia secure another Top 10 class, he may not have had much time for hashing out the numbers with McGarity just yet—but you can bet his agent has remain focused and in Grantham’s ear the whole time.

Would Grantham turn down a multi-year deal, in the multi-million dollar range, to stay in Athens and coach at the University of Georgia?  Especially considering the potential NFL job would be less than 80-miles from his current location?

Remember, former Falcons DC, Brian Van Gorder, was on his way to South Carolina before the Falcons swooped in and changed his mind.

It’s an intriguing situation, to be sure, and you can see why some fans are already worrying about the possibility of Grantham bolting at the 11th hour—just as the recruiting season reaches its denouement.

Personally, I doubt Grantham will do more than thank the Falcons for their offer, assuming there truly is one on the table, as Grantham is nothing, if not a man of integrity.  I simply can’t see him leaving his players or Richt in such a horrific situation as that—especially a mere 48-hours after snagging his biggest recruiting coup to date in Jordan Jenkins.

In my humble opinion, this is nothing more than a story about a good coach being courted because of his immense talents—which, when you think about it, has been a rare occurrence at Georgia in the last few years. Consider it a compliment that someone is eyeing what Georgia has on staff, it’s a testament to the brilliant job Grantham is doing.

Either way, I don’t see anything coming of this possible flirtation except a faster agreement on a contract extension.

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