VIDEO: Uh-Oh…Steve Spurrier is Being Cocky Again

I found this to be a bit funny only because it’s Steve Spurrier and he makes me laugh simply on principle—except when Georgia is losing to him and he’s making snarky remarks as to why—that said, I certainly hope shirtless coaching isn’t about to become a trend as I don’t think there are many, if any, coaches I’d like to see running around half-naked on a football field. (h/t/ sportsgrid).

Sheesh, after coaching in “The Swamp”, for more than a decade, you’d think Spurrier would know how to handle a little heat.

Then again, when you’re Steve Spurrier, and you’ve managed to make Gamecock football relevant to the SEC, and not just Columbians, then I guess you can do whatever you damn well please.

That said, I hope the strip tease stops at the shirt.

Just saying.

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