VIDEO: The Return of ‘Mat Drills’ at Georgia

The return of Mat Drills has players tweeting about a host of things, most of which can be summed up in one sentence: they aren’t happy about the return of ‘Mat Drills’.

Last season, when Joe Tereshinski took over as Head Strength Coach, he opted not to bother with the drills as he went about the business of tweaking and adjusting Georgia’s strength program to fit a more modern approach. The result of said adjustments was a football team that looked bigger and stronger and a lot less soft. However, collapses in losses to both Michigan State and LSU showed that there was still some work to be done from a conditioning standpoint and ‘Mat Drills’—at least in theory—are meant to address that area:

Now that Tereshinski’s methods are in place, it seems only natural that he would re-institute the ‘Mat Drills’ as a means of setting a baseline of both where guys are and how much more needs to be done to get them where they need to be.

2011 saw an increase in size and strength, but 2012 should see Georgia making an even more concerted effort to get the players in condition for the fourth-quarter and beyond—if it comes down to that.

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