VIDEO: Isn’t Steve Spurrier Just The Most Gracious Son of A….

I don’t like Steve Spurrier as a football coach. He’s good for a soundbite but, as an admitted Georgia fan, if Spurrier was on fire—and I had water—I would drink the water. Just saying.

So, as Georgia celebrates a 45-7 victory over the Auburn Tigers, the side story is the fact that the Bulldogs made the Cocky one eat some of his words—at least for now. Take a listen at Spurrier’s post-game presser after his team escaped a loss to the Florida Gators.

So, Georgia only plays well when they “have to win” eh, Stevie?

Oh, for the love of Erk, Georgia, please beat the Kentucky Wildcats next week because the only dust I want to see settling is at Spurrier’s feet when the door to the SEC Championship game has slammed shut.

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