VIDEO: Former Georgia DB Brandon Boykin Talks Leadership

Georgia fans could always count on Brandon Boykin to be a leader. He didn’t make excuses, he didn’t brag or boast, he simply worked hard and played the game the only way he knew how—all out. He set the tone early for the 2012 defense and, despite Georgia’s season-opening loss to Boise, it was clear from the start that Boykin was destined to have one very special senior season. 

Now, with college and a standout 2012—which included being winning the Paul Hornung Award—behind him, he’s trying to prove to NFL scouts that he’s got what it takes to be equally as successful at the next level and, despite a broken leg injury that has sidelined him since the Senior Bowl, he’s not worried about getting his point across because he knows what he can bring to the table.

<a href=';src=v5:embed::' target='_new' title='Boykin meets &#39;The Panel&#39;' >Video: Boykin meets &#39;The Panel&#39;</a>

Boykin currently has plans to participate in his own Pro Day sometime in April but isn’t too worried about his stock falling too far. If there’s one thing a good GM can recognize, it’s a player with a good head on his shoulders and a high ceiling in his future. Boykin has both in spades and should still be able to see his name called come April 12. The only question is how early that call will come.

For more on Boykin’s conrinued draft preparation, click here.

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