Urban Meyer Says He "Had Oregon Ranked No. 1 For Quite Some Time"

There was a collective head-scratch when people found out that Urban Meyer was the ONLY SEC head coach who did not rank the Auburn Tigers No. 1. Some perceived it as sour grapes—Meyer was just mad that Auburn was winning with his cast-off quarterback.

While others didn’t feel Urban needed to make any explanation at all. He had his vote, he used it on Oregon—it is what it is.

Well, Urban Meyer finally let the world know exactly why he dismissed Auburn in favor of Oregon, here’s what Meyer had to say about his decision not to vote Auburn No. 1:

“It could have been 1A, 1B,” Meyer said. “I watched that SEC Championship game and to say they are not the best team in America would be incorrect. I have not watched Oregon as much, earlier in the year I did. I’ve had Oregon ranked No. 1 for quite some time now. And it’s just like when we were up there in the rankings _ unless you deserve to lose that ranking _ that’s no disrespect to Auburn obviously. But it’s 1A, 1B in my mind. I just had Oregon No. 1 for a longer period of time.”

Okay, Urban…whatever you say, buddy.

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