UGA Football: Will the Dawgs (Finally) Be Able to Get Out of Their Own Way? 

Read a piece this morning and, to be honest, much of it echoed the sentiments I posted here yesterday. However, there was one part of the article which stood out, and it asked the following: Can Georgia finally get out of its own way and take over the SEC East crown? 

“I think Georgia is the enigma in the East,” an SEC head coach told ESPN. “If they can play to the strength of their defense and get out of their own way offensively, they can do what Florida’s done the last two years, which is let the defense be dominant and let the offense do enough until they can hit their stride to win games. It’s been a formula that’s worked for a couple of teams in this conference over the last couple of years.” (Edward Aschoff, ESPN)

I don’t think many would argue with my saying Georgia has found a plethora of frustrating ways to lose when it shouldn’t. 

It’s a phenomenon that’s taken place for so long, you’ve you almost gotten used to it: you wonder aloud, which awful team will they lose to this season?  How will they screw themselves this time around? 

If it’s not a punt gone wrong, it’s coverage gone awry, or a pass where a run made more sense, or  a tipped ball that finds its way to the opposition’s end zone, or a …you get what I’m saying. 

The thinking was the above misfortune immediately exited with the introduction of a new coaching staff. 

Then those inexplicable losses to Vanderbilt and Tennessee happened (after a tremendous fourth quarter comeback), and you wonder if being snakebit is forever where Georgia is concerned.

End of the day, I feel the pieces are in place to win the division this year (yes, I said it), but I also believe mental toughness, coaching acumen (particularly on the offensive side of the ball), and execution have to be there too. 

We can point to the offensive line as the key to everything, but this year’s line ain’t last year’s line. No matter how cautious we are about our confidence in what the new offensive line can potentially do, there is no denying the overall talent-level, in that unit, has increased. 

Tinkering or no tinkering, Sam Pittman has the players available to earn that coaching money he’s so handsomely paid; as an avid reader of mine said yesterday, there will be “no excuses” for not seeing a better (even if not perfectly polished) product on the field.

It’s all talk until action comes to prove otherwise,  this I know, but I’m ready for the championship-type conversations regarding Georgia to legitimately take place …and I’m damn sure ready to see Georgia take control of its narrative.  

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4 comments for “UGA Football: Will the Dawgs (Finally) Be Able to Get Out of Their Own Way? 

  1. ScoreCheck
    03/24/2017 at 7:32 AM


  2. 03/24/2017 at 6:40 AM

    Great read Kimberley, I am ready for the season to begin. I also believe that we have all of the players in place to not face plant as much as we have in the past, this year is totally on the coaches.

    I agree that Pittman absolutely needs to jell all of the talented newcomers and remaining veteran linemen into a much better unit than we have seen the past few years. Everything is in place for a good run if the line becomes a force.


  3. 03/23/2017 at 10:14 AM

    A lot was and is expected of Sam Pittman. Thus far he is more than meeting expectations.

    I am intrigued with Tray Scott taking over the defensive line.

    Not a doubt in my mind that both coaches are going to have their side of the ball looking to out perform the other side.

    I bet both sides will improve and quite frankly, “both” lines will be prepared to play on Saturdays. Like the direction the coaching staff is taking, like you Kimberley, hard to believe that we are not talented enough to improve greatly in 2017 and compete in the SEC, both sides.

    • 03/23/2017 at 10:26 AM

      The Scott hire is one that I’m looking at as well, Buc. He seems to be bringing a lot more energy and definitely has a more hands-on approach. If the players are responding to that in a positive way, and I’ve heard they are, then that bodes well. Hope to see Big Trent come back and get in on the action as well. I know he was close to TR.

      I’m anxious to see how everything comes together this year. That’s for sure.

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