Twist of Fate: Would Donovan McNabb Still Lobby For Vick Today?

Remember this interview given by McNabb just hours after the Eagles signed Michael Vick to a two-year contract?

Well, just a little more than a year later that whole there’s “no threat to me, no threat to Kolb” comment is looking quite comical. I wonder if McNabb would have been as quick to lobby for the Vick signing if he knew that his career would be so negatively impacted by his arrival?

Think about it, Michael Vick is back to doing endorsements (sorta), leading a winning football team, and garnering league accolades (Pro Bowl and MVP talk), while McNabb has been relieved of his starting role, likely stripped of a $78 million contract, and heading towards unemployment.

I don’t know McNabb personally, but you can be sure that this is not the outcome he was hoping for when he let it be known that the Eagles “made a mistake” by letting him go.

McNabb is now a punchline. A punchline so not funny that you almost want to weep for him.

Here he is, only a few seasons removed from being one of the most celebrated quarterbacks in the NFL, now suffering through the embarrassment of being benched in favor of a guy who has more fun throwing to defenses than to his own receivers—don’t kid yourself—Rex Grossman is NO team’s answer at quarterback and the fact that McNabb has been benched in his favor is just ugly.

Even more, it has to sting to see Michael Vick succeeding on his old team, throwing to his old teammates, and playing for his old coach. Quite frankly, he probably feels a lot like he did at his draft day when the Philly fans—allegedly—booed his selection.

Dude just can’t catch a break.

At this point he probably does feel like he’s been knocked out by Michael Strahan…


Is McNabb’s career over? It’s hard to say that for certain but, right now, it sure feels like it’s heading in the wrong direction. 

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