Tiki Barber: Seriously, Dude?…

Andrew Mills/The Star-Ledger

Tiki Barber is obviously desperate for dollars, but he might need to try getting paid another way—I hear reality television is a good racket for douchebags like Mr. Barber, but he may be too tawdry even for their ranks.

Barber, who reportedly filed his un-retirement papers on yesterday, is looking for a little NFL love at 35. Unfortunately for him, there isn’t likely to be a huge market for an old (by NFL standards), down on his luck, running back who hasn’t played in more than four-years.

Perhaps Barber saw how well the story seems to have ended for Michael Vick and decided to see if he could rehab his reputation, and public image as well, while making a few dollars for his emptied pockets. However, something tells me, he’d have a better shot at making pigs fly than making a memorable comeback.

His tendency towards flaming coaches and teammates as a broadcaster didn’t endear him to many and, quite frankly, his arrogance isn’t as interesting as Chad OchoCinco’s—which really isn’t saying much.

An NFL comeback, you say?…Yeah, best of luck with that.  

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