The Wheels On The Coordinator Bus Go Round and Round

ESPN’s Chris Low has stated the obvious: Georgia is willing to break the bank to bring in a top-notch defensive coordinator.

During the early stages of rampant speculation, it was thought that Georgia would continue to be prudent where money was concerned and that meant that we would have likely gone for a coach with potential.

However, since the beginning of this search, only major names have surfaced when referring to the next defensive coordinator at Georgia. Guys like Kirby Smart, Vic Koenning, and, most recently, Bud Foster have all been considered by the Dawgs at some point.

At least that’s what the information out there would tell us—believe what you will.

As of the moment, we remain in “spin the bottle” stage as you could just as easily throw darts at a board, while blindfolded, and that would be no less credible than the current info out there now.

We have been lucky enough to maintain a fairly decent foothold with our recruits thus far but you have to figure that will only last so long before some start getting antsy about who they will be playing for and under what type of scheme.

Heck, even Reshad Jones and Rennie Curran’s NFL futures depend on this hire—it’s a topic on every Dawg’s mind and it’s one that is now reaching outrageous proportions as to “when” we will know something….ANYTHING!

In the mean time, we wait and hope that we do indeed get a guy who can turn this defense around sooner rather than later.

The name doesn’t matter as much as the results and I, for one, am confident that Richt is using his resources wisely in this endeavor.

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