The Lady’s SEC/Football Links for Thursday (5/6)

It would seem that Tim Tebow’s jersey sales are blowing up. His No. 15 is flying off shelves and has given him the honor of holding the No. 1 spot for April. Good for him. You know what other rookie jersey netted that same honor—Reggie Bush’s.

The AJC’s Tim Tucker is reporting that Zach Mettenberger is giving the Louisville Cardinals a look as he starts weighing his options for where he’ll play next. The Cardinals, as you may know, are on the Georgia Bulldogs schedule for both 2011 and 2012. If new coach Charlie Strong happens to place him at the top spot, that could make for an interesting matchup. It’s one that I hope to see happen if for no other reason than to dispel the notion that we let the wrong guy go—yes, there are some people who truly think as much.

Suddenly, people have their Hanes in a wad over some comments recent QB “leader” namer, Christian LeMay, made regarding Georgia. He apparently left himself some wiggle room in saying that he doesn’t plan to sit for three-years behind Aaron Murray…..if Murray wins the Heisman. Okay, let me just go on record and say, if Aaron Murray is winning Heisman’s at Georgia, then we are winning a National Championship, and LeMay is free to go.

The fact that anyone still gives two shakes what Brett Favre decides to do is funny to me. If he plays, he plays. The Minnesota Vikings obviously will have success with him until he decides to throw another key interception at an inopportune moment. If he doesn’t decide to play, we can always count on his Wrangler commercials to fill the void. Either way, it’s an old story with very little appeal at this point.

Geno Atkins was asked if he was straight or gay as part of his interview with the Bengals. I guess they don’t accept everybody after all. I don’t get the point of the question, it assumes that there are no gays in football, which, by virtue of numbers is impossible. Oh wait, I forgot, homosexuality doesn’t exist in football….right?

Gale Sayers is mad that he played in the wrong era and wishes he could cash in like the guys of today do now. I would be mad too if I played for six seasons and made only $275,000. My gosh man! I know water boys who make more than that in one season. 

Temple’s Al Golden recently earned a five-year extension for taking the Owls football team to it’s first bowl game since President Obama was a baby—okay, maybe not quite that long—and he was happy about the contract. Honestly, Golden is not going to be hanging around too much longer, I don’t care how much money Temple offers him. Perhaps he is just holding out for Joe Paterno to leave.

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