The Lady’s Bulldog/Sports Links for Friday (7/23)

The Alabama Crimson Tide are the overwhelming favorites to win another SEC Championship and repeat as National Champions.

The Georgia Bulldogs recruiting strategy: quality over quantity.

Another “hot seat” article on coach Richt. Again, I say, Richt is not on the hot seat and the continued talk of it by outside media sources is annoying and ridiculous.

Georgia Bulldog WR, A.J. Green reiterates the point that he was not in Miami over Memorial Day Weekend. The junior receiver stated, “I’ve never been to Miami”—I believe him.

The Orlando Sentinel writers, once again, are taking their best shot at bashing the Georgia Bulldogs and Mark Richt. Bill King of The Junkyard Blawg takes them to task for saying that the Georgia Bulldogs are “the most overrated program in history”.

How long will the NFL labor negotiations last, hopefully, not long at all.

Baltimore safety, Ed Reed, could miss significant time this season if he’s not fully recovered from hip surgery. How much time will he miss…not even Ed knows the answer to that question.

Surprisingly (I say that with a huge amount of sarcasm), The Palm Beach Post thinks the media’s pick of Alabama over Florida for the SEC title is wrong.

Georgia’s offensive line ranks third overall in the SEC according to Chris Low of ESPN.

A lot of questions still hanging over the Tarheel football program after “agentgate”—who will and won’t be playing this season as a result?

Mark Kriegel of FoxSports wonders where Nick Saban gets off calling any body a “pimp”.

Mike Florio of The Sporting News, offers solutions on how college football can fix the agent crisis.

…And finally, one of my favorite Mark Richt responses from Thursday’s media day Q & A session:

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