The Lady’s Bulldog/SEC Links for Tuesday (3/30)

Former Bulldog, Robert Edwards, offers thoughts on coaching and Georgia’s chances to be successful in 2010.

Georgia is making noise on the recruiting trail—in a good way.

The 3-4 defense has some veteran defensive players feeling like freshmen where their understanding is concerned.

The defensive ends are learning to adjust to their new responsibilities playing the 3-tech as opposed to the 5-tech. It’s a challenge, but some guys are already establishing themselves as potential beasts at the position.

Jakar Hamilton wasn’t always on the right path and he credits his mom and Georgia Military College for transforming him into the ‘Hitman’ we know today.

Brandon Boykin says the defense is blitzing more and the corners are playing more press coverage—music to my ears—the end of the soft zone is officially upon us.

Bleacher Report thinks Zach Mettenberger will be the starter over Aaron Murray—obviously, they haven’t read the newspapers lately.

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