The Chiefs Are Huntin’ and Peckin’ for Better Options at Wide Receiver

Ashley Lelie signed with the Kansas City Chiefs today as the team is looking to add some more reliable options at the No. 2 wideout position.

Dwayne Bowe looked good on Sunday, hauling in five catches for 70-yards, but aside from him, the Chiefs aren’t looking too impressive at wide receiver.

They are hoping that Lelie can finally find his way back to his 2004 form. That was the year he pulled down 54 catches for 1,084 yards and seven scores (a 20.1 yard per catch average).

Lelie has always had blazing speed but has not shown that he is capable of being a playmaker. He, essentially, talked himself out of Denver when he realized his starting role wasn’t guaranteed any longer—feeling he deserved to be in on every play.

Shanahan and his crew felt differently and let Lelie go on his way.

Lelie doesn’t have the physical size of Terrell Owens or Larry Fitzgerald, weighing in at just under 195 lbs, but he has the speed that can make him dangerous on deep routes.

Atlanta, Oakland, and San Francisco all took flyers on him based on his speed, but found he was mostly talk and little action.

Aside from that great season in Denver, he hasn’t sniffed the 1,000 yard mark again in his career—and as far as touchdowns are concerned, he has been a non-factor.

The problem could have been his lack of a legitimate quarterback who was capable of getting him the ball deep.

In Atlanta he had, run-first quarterback, Michael Vick. In Oakland, he was saddled with the mind-bogglingly inefficient Jamarcus Russell. The Niners were equally as dismal as they couldn’t decide who would be their starter.

It is possible that Ashley simply hasn’t found the right system or the proper quarterback to cater to his skill-set.

The Chiefs are obviously banking on that and, likely, won’t feel the effects of waiving Jeff Webb to take a flyer on Lelie.

Matt Cassell has the ability to get him the ball and, offensive coordinator, Todd Haley will definitely be committed to the passing game.

Perhaps the stars will finally align for this troubled seven-year journeyman.

If not, no harm done.

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