The Atlanta Falcons Roddy White Has a Case of Mistaken Identity

Whatever pill, drink, or food Roddy White has been ingesting in the offseason has finally started to rot his brain.

His holdout is not only approaching ridiculous proportions but the fact that he feels he’s even the slightest bit justified in doing so is comical.

Reports say he wants a new deal that will pay him the kind of money that Larry Fitzgerald, the Arizona Cardinals stud wide receiver, makes—that contract pays Fitz $10 million a season, White is due to make a little more than $2 million in 2009.

Here’s the problem, the Falcons don’t seem to think as highly of Roddy as he thinks of himself.

Fact is, Roddy White isn’t Larry Fitzgerald. Roddy White isn’t even Calvin Johnson. So what is White? He is the beneficiary of being a good wide receiver on a team with few vertical weapons. Period.

If you put White somewhere else, could he be a no. 1? Now, that’s not to say he wouldn’t have good numbers, but would he have Steve Smith or Andre Johnson type numbers?

White better be careful how he handles this situation. Second-year GM, Thomas Dimitroff, has a thing for guys with tremendous character and a dyed in the wool work-ethic. He’s not a fan of primadonna tactics like staging a hold-out when you have a contract on the table already.

White may think the past two seasons entitle him to a big payday, but what a lot of other fans recall is his penchant for dropping wide-open passes in key situations.

Big play receivers make big plays. Say what you will about Terrell Owens and his questionable hands, but, he’s always made the big plays when he needed to do so—even when he was double-covered.

The Falcons are looking thin at the receiver spot now that Harry Douglas is out for the year (tough break for him as this season was looking like a breakout year), but that doesn’t mean they will be dead in the water.

Michael Turner will still lead the way in the run game and Tony Gonzalez is more than capable of supplying a set of dependable hands on the field.

One thing is for sure, if White turns this into a staring match, he could be left in a lurch not only this season but the next one as well.

Personally, I hope a deal gets done because the Falcons don’t need any distractions heading into such a pivotal season; however, Roddy White needs to rethink his demands a bit, the man in his mirror is obviously a bit delusional.

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