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Georgia Recruiting: Are the Dawgs Still In It For Donte Jackson?


Donte Jackson (New Orleans, LA) brought his family to Athens, GA over the weekend and, while he left with a lot more to think about, you don’t get the feeling (at least right now) that the Georgia Bulldogs have as…

Georgia Football: My One and Only Post About That Game


I didn’t plan to say anything about the game because, every single time I thought about, I felt a queasiness that wouldn’t go away; it was a tough pill to swallow, but I was doing my best impression of being…

Georgia Recruiting: Rivals Takes a Closer Look at Eason and Cleveland [VIDEO]

Jacob Eason and Ben Cleveland (r) are currently Georgia’s top two commitments for 2016. Photo: BulldawgIllustrated

If you haven’t heard the names Ben Cleveland and Jacob Eason yet, and you’re a Georgia Bulldog fan, my only question for you is: what rock you been hidin’ under?

Georgia Football: Social Media Ban for Freshman, But Why Stop There?


Remember last season when a few incoming freshman (if you have a Twitter/Instagram acount, and follow players, I don’t have to name names) felt the need to update they’re every move and every thought, on Twitter and Instagram? Well, more…