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Georgia Football: Mike Bobo on the Receiving Corps, “It is what it is”


In an interview yesterday, Georgia Bulldogs Offensive Coordinator, Mike Bobo, discussed some of the issues he foresees against South Carolina this weekend—one of which is the receiving corps. Watch the interview below and look for  some brief thoughts after the…

Jasper Sanks Talks “Inches Away” and the Pressure of Being a Highly Touted Prospect


In case you missed it, Jasper Sanks is the subject of a new documentary—hopefully coming soon—called “Inches Away”. More info on the film is below, but Sanks was recently interviewed, along with “Inches Away” producer Will Santana, and he touched on…

College Football: ‘The Daily Show’ Tackles Unionization’s Potential Effect

I found this to be a rather funny take on the perils of college football unionization. Personally, I’m still on the fence, I think changes do need to be made—in the way student-athletes are compensated—and I do agree that a bigger slice of the pie wouldn’t be a bad thing for the future of those players who aren’t NFL bound, but I need to see a lot more information before I’m ready to buy into the idea as a permanent part of this, or any other, collegiate sports program.

Still, the video was entertaining enough…so,I figured I’d share.

Georgia Recruiting: 2015 LB Juwan Taylor, “I always saw myself playing for Georgia”


2015 linebacker Juwan Taylor’s performance at the Miami Rivals Camp (held this past week) made a positive impression on more than a few analysts. Taylor not only showed off his impressive length (at 6’2, 200 pounds he’s already got a…