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Former Bulldog Champ Bailey is Still Firmly Committed…to the ‘G’

First of all, congratulations to former Georgia Bulldog Champ Bailey on his nuptials to Jessica Herrera.

Secondly…take a look at the dance floor—gotta love it.

On another note, still mad that the Falcons let this Georgia boy go to the sAints…ugh!

College Football: ‘The Daily Show’ Tackles Unionization’s Potential Effect

I found this to be a rather funny take on the perils of college football unionization. Personally, I’m still on the fence, I think changes do need to be made—in the way student-athletes are compensated—and I do agree that a bigger slice of the pie wouldn’t be a bad thing for the future of those players who aren’t NFL bound, but I need to see a lot more information before I’m ready to buy into the idea as a permanent part of this, or any other, collegiate sports program.

Still, the video was entertaining enough…so,I figured I’d share.