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Georgia Football: Lorenzo Carter is Having Fun and It’s Wonderful to See


Lorenzo Carter is a straight up monster. Now that I have stated the absolute obvious, here’s a short clip for you to watch; in it Carter touches on the strides A.J. Turman has made, the surprising play of transfer Jake…

Georgia Football: Nick Chubb on Herschel, “…I could never do it like he did”


It’s common knowledge by now that Georgia Running Back Nick Chubb had a candid conversation with Georgia Bulldog Legend, Herschel Walker, but what has continually struck me about Chubb—no matter how high his profile has risen and no matter what…

Georgia Football: Is A.J. Turman Healthy Enough to Make a Contribution?


A.J.Turman has yet to make the contribution he hoped to due to injury, but he’s finally healhty—according to reports—so he’s hopeful to turn it around now.

Georgia Recruiting: E.J. Price on Commitment, “I just felt at home here”


The Georgia Bulldogs bolstered the future of its offensive line—and new offensive line coach Rob Sale got even more talent to work with— when they received the commitment of Archer High School’s own E.J. Price. Price spoke with Rivals Reporter Jake Reuse…