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NFL Draft: After an Average Pro Day, Where Does Jarvis Jones Stand?

Jarvis Jones was expected to wow scouts at Georgia’s Pro Day event on yesterday, but he did the opposite. He didn’t blow anyone away, but he didn’t make anyone think he wasn’t worth a first-round draft pick either. For the most part, the story on Jones now is this: he’s a talented linebacker, his film doesn’t lie, but he may not be Top 5 material. That said, he is still a Top 20 player and could end up landing anywhere between picks 15-22 and none of the teams in the Top 10 have stopped targeting him as of right now.

For his part, Jones isn’t worried about his Pro Day performance and feels he’s every bit the player analysts, fans, and coaches have watched dominate the SEC over the last two seasons; he remains confident in his ability and doesn’t expect his numbers at Pro Day to hurt him one way or another.

“I’m a football player,” Jones said. “It’s about football, right? I’m a football player. That’s what I do. At the end of the day, you get those drills — I’m not saying they ain’t worth nothing — but you get those drills, running the 40 and all that stuff. You could get someone off the street who can run a 4.3, but they can’t play football. That’s easy.”

It’s not a given that everyone else will feel the same as Jones, but with the NFL Draft right around the corner now, he knows he’s done all he can do…and he hopes that will be enough.




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