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NFL Training Camp: Aaron Murray is Holding His Own in QB Competition


Former Georgia Bulldog QB Aaron Murray is certainly looking to make it onto the field of play sooner, rather than later and, so far, he’s holding his own against former University of Tennessee QB Tyler Bray. Murray was four-for-five in…

NFL: Aaron Murray Set to “Earn His Stripes” in Kansas City


Here’s the thing, I don’t think former Georgia quarterback, Aaron Murray, could have landed in a more perfect situation. The Kansas City Chiefs are a wonderful franchise, with a great history, and a stellar group of coaches—most notably Andy Reid…

NFL Draft 2014: Gruden on QB Aaron Murray, “He’s at the top of the food chain”

Still doubting Aaron Murray’s ability to make it as a pro quarterback…shame on you.

I do agree with Gruden on one thing, though, Murray does stay inside his own head too much at times. He did that a lot during his time at Georgia and, sometimes, that made him do too much and over think things. It was something that Georgia offensive coordinator, Mike Bobo, worked with him on throughout his career. Hopefully, now that the next level isn’t offering much in the way of expectation—Murray is considered a second or third day pick at present—he can thrive and really do what he does best…throw the football and win games.

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NFL Draft 2014: Aaron Murray Pegged as Draft’s “Top Sleeper” at QB

There are more than a few people who are already willing to write former Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray off because of his size, injury, etc., but more and more, lately, you’re seeing people take a second look at the diminutive quarterback and say, “why not Aaron Murray?”

One of those people is NFL analyst, Charles Davis, who says he saw improvement in Murray over the course of his collegiate career and feels that he might “surprise” a few folks at the next level, if given the chance.

…He’ll enter the league with plenty of experience against top competition, and he’s been a big-time producer. I thought he improved throughout his college career. His height (6-foot 3/8) will be held against him, but he has the makeup of a player that could surprise at the next level. (Charles Davis, NFL.com)

I’ve long said that I believe people are selling Murray short, his height be damned, that kid is one hell of a quarterback: he makes good decisions with the football, studies and knows the game as well as any offensive coach on the football field, and is the consummate professional…not to mention he’s tough as nails.

I’ll certainly be missing his presence in a Georgia uniform next season, that’s for sure.


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