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Georgia Recruiting 2016: Is Kyle Davis Thinking of Being “All In” Instead of In-State?

Kyle Davis is a high priority for the Georgia Bulldogs. That’s not up for debate. They’ve targeted him and made him a priority for quite some time now, and many feel that its the pressure coming out of Athens (all…

SEC Football: Kentucky and Mark Stoops Already Aiming for Big Returns

I don’t know how many of you actually watched the Super Bowl in its power-delayed entirety but, if you did, you might have seen miss this advertisement for Kentucky’s football program:

Given the fact the ad likely reached at least a regional audience—I don’t live in Kentucky and still managed to see it—and the nice recruiting haul the Wildcats are pulling in despite their SEC competitors (they have the No. 42 ranked class in the nation according to 247Sports), this is a move that could end up paying dividends down the road as there should be more than a few prospects looking to latch on to a program offering good playing time, quality SEC competition, and a large media audience thanks to some marquee match-ups.

Stoops has definitely begun making his mark (no pun intended) in Lexington.


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