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Georgia Football: Brian Schottenheimer is Not “Making Excuses” for Lambert

After watching Brian Schottenheimer’s press conference yesterday, I surmised two things: 1) he’s not necessarily committed to Greyson Lambert as the starter, and 2) he’s still figuring out how to be an offensive coordinator in the collegiate ranks. Watch the…

Georgia Bulldogs: Richt Talks Buffalo and the Running Back Rotation

Despite the fact that most coaches will say they take it ‘one game at a time’, we all know that Richt & Company are likely already looking towards Columbia and Mizzou. That game may not have the buzz that Boise State did last season, but it does have plenty of excitement building around it and I, for one, will be happy to see the Dawgs play a relatively easy opponent in game one just to get the jitters out.

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