Stirring The Gumbo: The Lady’s Links for Saturday (5/8)

It seems that Arkansas is considering a return to the Big XII. That seems like a fine decision to make and I would love to see the odds of coach Petrino sticking around if they do indeed make the jump. Even better, if the Big XII took the Razorbacks, could the SEC bring Clemson into the fold? After all, they are a natural fit for the SEC and have, dare I say, a better following than their Columbia counterparts.

Lawrence Taylor has already started losing what little money he has left. The embattled former NFL Pro was charged with third-degree rape on Thursday and, as a result, has lost his endorsement deal with Nutrisystem. Taylor maintains his innocence but the case will likely come down to he said/she said and, in the court of public opinion, Taylor is already guilty based on his prior transgressions. I hope the allegations are not true but, if they are, Taylor may have finally killed his chance of ever getting his reputation out of the gutter.

Chris Low tackles the “who’s better” question as it relates to A.J. Green and Julio Jones in his mailbag for today. He figures it’s a draw. I say, despite the lack of a national championship ring for A.J., the stats speak for themselves. In two-seasons, Green has played in 23 games. His totals are 109 catches, 1771 yards, and 14 TD’s. In the same span of time, Jones has played in 27 games. His totals are 101 catches, 1520 yards, and 8 TD’s. Perhaps Mr. Low is just being nice but, clearly, A.J. has done more with less thus far into his career.

ESPN continues it’s monopoly over the sports world as they will now air the Insight Bowl  on their network as well. In case you didn’t know, ESPN will broadcast all five BCS bowls next season. The Insight Bowl matches the Big 12 with the Big 10. I didn’t see the game last season as I hardly ever take Iowa State seriously, but, they did manage to beat the Minnesota Gophers in that game—Eric Decker did not play.

Josh McDaniels is comparing Tim Tebow to the Patriots, Tom Brady…..ummmm….okay. Well, chat me up again when Tebow has led the Broncos to a couple of SB’s. Jeez, does it ever end?

Spring football at the high school level? This writer seems to believe it’s time. I am not so sure. I am all for conditioning in the off-season but not all guys play a single sport. Spring football could interfere with those who are involved in other sports. It just seems a bit like overkill, especially in cases where guys simply aren’t sure if football is going to be their next-level choice.

What is up with the Bengals and head cases? Now they have brought Pacman Jones on board in hopes that his troubled days of guns and tom-foolery are over. Good luck with that Cincy. However, my mom has always said, “fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…” well, you know how it goes. Pacman has had his second and his third chance—he’s still a bum. Time to send him to the CFL where all are welcome.

Sure he has hideous mechanics, he’s overweight, not the most intelligent field general I’ve seen; but he’s 2-0 at Arrowhead as a starter”...this is the argument given by a writer for why his Kansas City Chiefs should take a flyer on Jamarcus Russell. All due respect to said writer but, last I checked, the Chiefs play half their games on the road. Just because Charlie Weis is supposed to be a QB guru, doesn’t mean he can turn that lump of lard into a football player.

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