Senior Bowl 2013: Georgia DB Shawn Williams Wants to Quiet His Doubters

Shawn Williams is ready to change the minds of NFL scouts. Photo: Dawgs247

Shawn Williams had a fairly inauspicious beginning at the University of Georgia; no one really noticed the Early County defensive back in a signing class that included Aaron Murray (QB), Marlon Brown (WR), Zach Mettenberger (QB), Washaun Ealey (RB), and Chris Burnette (OL), but the Blakely, GA native would soon become one of the cornerstones of a tenacious Georgia secondary; and, after his “calling-out” of his teammates following a sub-par performance against the Kentucky Wildcats this past season, he secured his status as a fan favorite.

But now that Williams will no longer be patrolling the outfield for Georgia, he’s trying to prove his value to a whole different set of discerning eyes—those of NFL scouts.

…”I’ve kind of heard that I struggle with covering deep zone,” Williams said. “I know that’s an area that I can do. I know I can do whatever a team asks me to do.”

Williams said he doesn’t see the Senior Bowl as being much different from what football players always have to do as they increase their level of competition.

“I think your biggest strength can be your will, your determination to do whatever people say that you can’t do,” he said. “When you think about it, that’s mainly what we’ve been doing all our lives.

“I’ve always had people tell me you’re not going to be able to play college football. You don’t have the size; you don’t have the speed; you don’t have the grades. And I just had to show them.

“I guess this is another step up to what we’re doing now, just showing them that you can do what the critics say you can’t do, what the draft scouts say you can’t do. This is the time to go out and prove them wrong, to show them that you can do anything that you want to do.” (Mark Inabinett,

According to ESPN’s Todd McShay, Williams is a second-round guy with a some nice upside, but I can see a scenario where a strong combine outing boosts his stock higher (potentially into the lower first round);  but it would have to be an exceptional performance, and a few other chips would have to fall in Williams’ favor if that’s to happen.

That said, Williams has defied the odds his entire career and it doesn’t sound like he’s worried about having to do so again.


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