SEC Football: Awwww, You Poor Little Crimson Baby…

Look, Alabama won the National Championship—and bully to them for doing so—but I can hardly feel sorry for Barrett Jones’ inability to perform at the NFL Combine as a result of the Tide’s accomplishment.

“People don’t realize it’s tougher for us to come here and compete in the combine because we play so late,” Jones said. “We’re still not maybe as healthy as everybody else.

“When you play in the SEC, you get beat up, especially when you have a lot of bowl practices and you’re playing a game that’s not ’til Jan. 7.”

“…It’s tough to get back to full speed for this,” Jones said.

(waves hand in a ‘chile please’ fashion)

Please excuse me while I attempt to find the world’s tiniest violin to play alongside Jones’ comments.

Mr. Jones, I suspect you’ll have a brilliant NFL career, and I am certainly impressed by what you were able to do at Alabama during your time there, but you get no sympathy from me on that one—none whatsoever.

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