Reggie Bush Still Doesn’t Quite Seem To Get It

“…I can’t dwell on the negatives because I do have a job to do and I have a whole organization and a city riding on my back, not necessarily my back, but the team’s back.”(ESPN, 7/31/2010)

Reggie Bush is moving on from the scandal that recently brought his former alma mater to its knees. Even though he has all but been erased from the visual memory of his days as USC’s star running back, he isn’t allowing it to effect his current responsibility as a New Orleans Saint.

While I can understand that the past is the past, I am bothered by the, seemingly, lackadaisical attitude that Bush continues to display about this matter. It’s as if he’s silently saying, “I did it. It’s done. Too bad it amounted to all this but, I can’t fix it so, I’m over it”.

Really Reggie?

If you think I am exaggerating his emotions too much, just take a look at his last comment  in regards to rebuilding his relationship with USC, “I hope someday at some point it can be repaired,” Bush said. “We’ll see what happens. That’s all I can do.”

Umm, yeah. So, you all but decimate one of the most dominant runs in USC’s history, this decade, you handcuff the program for the next two seasons (via scholarship limitations and bowl bans), you brought shame to the football program, and, you may very well be responsible for the departure of countless veterans from the team (since the sanctions allowed juniors and seniors to exit without penalty), and you honestly think the relationship isn’t severed—permanently?

Again, I say, Reggie Bush doesn’t get it.

I know there are many who will say, he was lured by the money and the opportunity to help his family get ahead. He was struggling, despite the money USC was making off his presence, what was he supposed to have done?

Well, that answer is easy, he was supposed to say “no”, move on, and await his shot in the NFL…LIKE EVERY OTHER PLAYER.

While I do not agree with USC’s over-the-top response to the situation, I can understand the philosophy behind the actions they have taken. They don’t want to glorify the man who essentially has crippled them and they wish to send a stern message to any player who might be thinking of following in his footsteps.

However, I would be remiss if I failed to mention the hypocrisy in removing his jersey and returning his Heisman copy while still allowing the trophy and jersey of disgraced former star, O.J. Simpson to remain—just saying.

Yet, I digress.

Reggie Bush made a poor decision. A decision guys he never played with will have to suffer through for the next two seasons. It’s not just an “outside distraction” that “is what it is”. It’s the principle of the thing. He made a huge mistake and, honestly, he’s gotten off easy.

Sure, USC will remove his jersey and his Heisman but, no matter what they do, most people will still respect Bush as one of the greatest college football players—ever.

Reggie Bush will still be Reggie Bush no matter what USC or the media does to vilify him—like it or not. He likely knows that and perhaps that is why he can be so philosophical about the whole thing. He just doesn’t get it.

I doubt he ever will.

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