Ray Lewis: Tell Em’ Why You Mad, Son!

Saw this vid on ESPN News and just knew it needed to be on this blog for the day. So, thank you YouTube for being a go-to point for all things video and thank you WNST Baltimore for uploading it for public consumption.

Ray Lewis, a future Hall of Famer—without question—decides that he wasn’t going to be “politically correct” about the Ravens loss to the Bengals on Sunday. On the contrary, he was going to try and keep it “real”. His take on the game, the referees gave it away by calling two pansy-ass calls on the Bengals for what they deemed to be rough hits on Bengals QB Carson Palmer.

The NFL has done a stellar job of trying their best to protect offensive players from the big hitters, like Lewis. They have instituted all types of rules that tell a defender how he can hit a guy, where he can tackle him, how much distance he has to give him in a particular situation, etc. However, what the NFL has not done is take into account that it’s just as much the job of the defender to stop points from being put on the board as it is the offensive players job to put said points on the board.

Where’s the balance and, Ray makes a valid point, where’s the call for instant replay on defensive plays that come into question? Clearly, there’s a need for some type of review process to keep defenders from getting hosed as well.

Anyway, I like Ray’s honesty, but he needs to direct some of that anger to his own quarterback as well—the refs didn’t make Flacco  throw those four picks.

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