Quintavious Harrow: "If you do not know me by now, you better soon.."

That’s some strongly worded rhetoric coming from a guy whom no one even realized Georgia was recruiting. However, Harrow is confident that he will bring every bit the talent and excitement to Georgia as his good friend, Isaiah Crowell.

Harrow’s name first began to gain notoriety when, in late January, he was extended an offer. Many assumed that this was an attempt by coach Richt to further persuade Crowell to sign with the Bulldogs—Harrow and Crowell were stated to be very close friends. In truth, however, Georgia was simply keeping their promise to Harrow that if he qualified, they would offer. Here is what Harrow had to say about how it all came to pass, “…they told me they were just waiting on my ACT score. They have seen me play before, but they just needed to wait on that test. When it finally came, they said they would pull the trigger…”(Kipp Adams, Rivals.com).

Take that explanation for what it’s worth, but Harrow’s play speaks for itself and he should be a nice addition to the team—especially from a speed standpoint. Harrow runs a 4.4 40 and is expected to move from linebacker to defensive back at Georgia. That will definitely give coach Lakatos some needed flexibility to work with this coming season, especially since no one can be certain what will happen with Branden Smith.

Hopefully, we get a chance to see what Harrow can do very soon. Until then, here’s some video (note: this same clip was posted on another article written about Harrow in January).

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