Plaxico Burress Bet On Himself And Lost

“When you have the mayor and the district attorney both publicly demanding a maximum prison sentence, it was perhaps too much to hope for the grand jury to conduct a sympathetic review of the unique facts of this sad case,” Benjamin Brafman, Attorney for Plaxico Burress

Plaxico Burress was indicted today on three weapons charges stemming from a nightclub incident in which his gun went off and shot him in the thigh.

What’s next for Burress? Well, one would presume he will have to serve some jail time—how much is still uncertain.

Here’s the thing, Burress should serve time. He should have taken the two-years that District Attorney Robert Morgenthau was offering instead of allowing his attorney to press for just one.

Why? It’s quite simple, really, he BROKE the law. There should be consequences for doing so—your social status should not matter.

Plaxico Burress is the sole proprietor of his stupidity. He made all the wrong choices that night by bringing an unlicensed firearm into a public place—adding even more insult to injury, he didn’t even have the good sense to flip the safety switch.

It’s mildly comical now that he shot himself in the thigh. Sure, we all get a bit of a chuckle over that one.

However, would it have been funny if the gun had shot an innocent bystander? How funny would it have been then?

The punishment that Plaxico faces likely has more to do with what could have happened than what actually did happen? Is that altogether fair, maybe not, but it’s the law.

Is it sad that he has likely jeopardized his career and put his livelihood in jeopardy? Yes, but stupidity has a price.

Being a celebrity should not give anyone the license to do as they please where the law is concerned.

Is the law always fair and even-handed where that last statement is concerned? No, but in this case, they got it right.

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