Georgia Recruiting: 2016 Derrick Brown, “…I can compete with anybody in the nation”

(h/t Radi Nabulsi and Jake Reuse)

For the longest time, 5-star DT Derrick Brown (Buford, GA) had the Georgia Bulldogs at the top of his list, but in late May he suddenly decided he no longer wanted to have a “leader” per se, he simply wanted to take a step back and take a longer look at all of his options—options that include the creme de la creme of the SEC and then some.

That said, a fair number of Georgia Bulldog fans took offense to his decision and felt the need tom come after him on social media and say that maybe his change of heart had more to do with a fear of competition; a fear he says is not only untrue but has nothing to do with his decision in the least. Plain and simple, you only have one chance to go through the process and make the decision that could, potentially, impact the rest of your life.

Personally, I didn’t fault Brown for making it known he was wide open, but I also understand the frustration felt by some of the Georgia fans over the possibility that they could lose a top-notch player to a rival—that frustration isn’t foreign to any passionate fanbase.

Even so, if Georgia continues to do what they’ve been doing, they won’t be far behind any of the programs Brown has atop his list—after all, he didn’t place Georgia that high for a reason.

In the end, it’ll be what it’ll be, but it’s a long way to February and, if Julian Rochester has anything to do with it, Brown will have plenty of red and black love coming his way this summer and into the fall.

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