Georgia Recruiting: ‘Corky Kell Classic’ Puts Future Dawgs on Display

I don’t know how many Georgia fans were able to watch the ‘Corky Kell Classic’ over the weekend, but I managed to fit in a couple hours on Saturday evening—watching Camden County lay waste to the opposition—and was ever so pleased to see a couple of current commits showcasing their talents.

Here are a few clips of 2012 commits Brice Ramsey (QB), J.J. Green (DB/RB), and Shaun McGee (DL) in action.

Brice Ramsey, No. 12

You gotta love that pass to the back of the endzone by Ramsey. Who says that kid can’t make the throws at the next level, huh? And don’t even get me started on that beautiful deep ball—just money.

J.J. Green, No. 4

I love Green’s versatility. I haven’t a clue where he’ll end up at the next level, but I was really impressed by how well he ran between the tackles on Saturday night. He’s obviously a strong kid with a ton of upside.

Shaun McGee, No. 18

McGee showed great pursuit in his team’s game against Walton County and it’s obvious he loves to rush the passer and will do well in that capacity at Georgia should they keep him outside.

Other guys who impressed on Saturday, Tyren Jones and Brendan Langley who are currently committed to Alabama and South Carolina respectively.

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