VIDEO Flashback: The Georgia Bulldogs Take on Alabama in a Classic SEC Battle

(h/t carlmilton)

I love vintage videos like this one—the Larry Munson factor alone makes it worthy of my time.

Said Munson at the time:

“…this was a championship team, Alabama was supposed to be the team that we had to beat that year—at least as far as the conference was concerned—and we did. I remember the game was played at  our place. And I also remember that particular night, and whether they did it deliberately or not I don’t know that the Georgia student body got in cars…went to the motel where Alabama was staying and circled the motel and honked their horns and hollered all night…to try and keep the Alabama team awake. I don’t remember how well they succeeded…” 

I doubt the outlandish behavior of the student body had much to do with the Bulldogs’ defensive play against the Alabama offense, but it sure makes for a good story, doesn’t it?


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