SEC Football: Spurrier Perplexed by Bias Shown on D.J. Swearinger Hit

Steve Spurrier wonders why the SEC saw fit to suspend D.J. Swearinger for a hit that was eerily similar to the one his tight end, Justin Cunningham, received at Vanderbilt in game one.

Gamecocks coach Steve Spurrier said he would talk about the suspension at his news conference Tuesday.

Spurrier pointed out Sunday that a Vanderbilt player was given a 15-yard penalty but no suspension for a similar hit against Gamecocks tight end Justice Cunningham.

“It’s sort of interesting. If you hit him right in the knees when the ball gets there or right in the belly, I guess that’s OK. But anything above the shoulders is considered off limits right now,” Spurrier said. 

While Spurrier admits there is a differentiation between a hit above the shoulders versus below, you have to admit that when you see the two hits on tape, they look very similar.

You be the judge.

The Cunningham Hit:

The Swearinger Hit:

Hmmmm…I don’t know.

Perhaps the problem was Cunningham got up too fast—absorbed the hit too well—and the UAB player looked a bit on the ginger side.


Either way, defensive players will now need to be very careful about tackling…I mean targeting during ball games as it seems ‘big brother’ is watching.

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