SEC Football: Former AU Coach Pat Dye on Saban, he ‘ain’t a better man than Chizik’

Former Auburn football coach Pat Dye has a lot to say in this interview—and it’s a short interview.

Among some of the zingers he lets loose, LSU isn’t as good as their, now former, No. 2 ranking made them seem, despite Alabama’s success, Auburn still has the better head-to-head record (well, at least overall since 1981), and those calling for Gene Chizik’s head are being “ridiculous”.

Obviously Auburn exposed a few glaring weaknesses in LSU armor this past Saturday but, in Dye’s opinion, his Tigers are still a year away from being a good team—still plenty of growing left to be done at quarterback and on defense—that said, by the end of the year, he feels they could be pretty good and may give a few teams a run for their money.

How Auburn show up in the next handful of games will tell the world plenty about how much can be gleaned from their near-defeat of then No. 2 LSU.

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