College Football: Lane Kiffin Still Knows How to Make An Exit

Lane Kiffin…still a bit of a prick I see.

What a maroon.

The reason for that abrupt exit, some reporter had the audacity to ask Kiffin about a player’s injury status.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a grown ass man act like such a two-year old. Good grief, somebody get this man a pacifier or a baby bottle before he throws another tantrum.

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Georgia Bulldogs: Todd Grantham on Vandy, ‘It’s us against them’ [VIDEO]

Todd Grantham remains stoic when speaking about the scuffle he had with Vanderbilt coach James Franklin at the end of last season’s contest in Nashville, but it’s hard to believe that there isn’t a little bit of an itch to make sure Georgia’s defense leaves no doubt this time around.

Still, if that’s his intention, Grantham isn’t about to tip his cap.