College Football: Tennessee QB Tyler Bray Ain’t Making it Easy for His Vols

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As a Georgia Bulldog fan, I’m not going to say much about what did or did not happen to starting QB, Tyler Bray—I don’t need a slew of “pot meet kettle” comments thrown in my direction. However, I will say that whatever did go down, his head coach certainly doesn’t need the negative publicity at this juncture.

The Volunteers football program is standing at a crossroads and there are many who believe that if head coach Derek Dooley doesn’t deliver more wins, he’ll be fired. He’s on more than thin ice in Knoxville, he’s on steadily cracking, actively thawing, ice with no boat or life jacket in site; his team needs to show major improvement and he needs his starting quarterback in order to do it.

However this things pans out, this incident is bound to be a distraction and that certainly can’t be a good thing on a team where focus is needed all the way around—particularly in a year when jobs and careers could possibly be on the line.

Hines Ward Talks About His Movie Debut in “The Dark Knight Rises”

Former Georgia Bulldog and Pittsburgh Steeler Hines Ward is making the most of his retirement from pro play. Not only is he one of the latest additions to NBC’s Sunday Night NFL broadcasts, he’s made his first true venture into acting as well.

The latest installment in the Batman series, “The Dark Knight Rises”,  gives a glimpse of Ward on the big screen. It’s a cameo appearance, but it’s long enough for one to note that Ward is the star of it.

Here, in this interview, Ward talks a little about his movie debut.

Georgia Recruiting: 2013 TE Prospect Greg Taboada Still “Hoping” for Georgia Offer

I touched on 2013 TE prospect Greg Taboada last week in relation to the Bulldogs’ pursuit of Jordan Davis. Davis, who has narrowed his options down to two schools—Florida and Georgia—is close to making a decision on where he will…