Georgia Bulldogs: LB Amarlo Herrera says Defense Gets a ‘B-‘ Thus Far [VIDEO]

Amarlo Herrera has truly come on as one of the most sure-tacklers on the Georgia Bulldogs defense this season, however the sophomore is certainly clear on one thing: there’s plenty of room for improvement.

If you consider how high expectations were for this defense coming into the season, I’d say Herrera was being a bit kind on his assessment.

Despite the South Carolina loss to LSU this past Saturday, Georgia certainly still has a tough SEC road ahead before any discussions about a possible trip to Atlanta can be had; and a good chunk of that discussion will center around how the defense fares against teams from this point forward.

Felix Baumgartner: So, I Guess This Means ‘Red Bull’ Really Does Give You Wings?

It was hard to escape the media frenzy over Felix Baumgartner’s death-defying skydive from over 120,000 feet; unless you lived in a cave, minus an internet or cellular connection…and no television or newspapers anywhere to be found. However, I couldn’t help but wonder if I’d see this before and, lo and behold, I recalled a profile by the magazine Esquire which covered Baumgartner’s initial attempt at history in 2010; the jump that would later captivate the nation would actually not come to fruition for better than two years as 2010’s attempt would end in disappointment.

That said, what stood out the most for me about the story, at that time, was the accompanying video made to demonstrate just how far above the earth this daredevil would need to soar to accomplish his feat; below is that video:

Fast forward to yesterday when Baumgartner actually completed his jump and you have a story that is worth the awe it has inspired and, given the fact that this record was more than 50 years in the making, it was certainly special to behold.

However, the true winner here might be the ‘Red Bull’ brand;’Red Bull’, in case you actually do live in the aforementioned cave, is an energy drink—one of the first of it’s kind—whose slogan is ‘Red Bull gives you wings‘.

Now, I don’t intend to base jump off ‘Christ the Redeemer‘ (see below) anytime soon, but after witnessing yesterday’s feat by Baumgartner, I suspect a few people just might decide to give ‘Red Bull’ a try.

Did you see the jump? What were your thoughts?

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