Georgia Recruiting: 2013 QB Brice Ramsey Isn’t Thinking ‘Redshirt’, He Hopes to Start

Brice Ramsey intends to enroll in December, along with Tray Matthews (DB) and Ryne Rankin (LB), and it’s a good bet he’ll have plenty of opportunity to make a push for early playing time in 2013—even if it’s in a somewhat limited capacity.

The only question surrounding Ramsey continue to be based in the notion that he will have difficulty transitioning from his high school’s wing-t offense to Georgia’s pro-style one. However, I contend that the transition won’t be nearly as dramatic as perceived because Ramsey has all the characteristics of a pro-style player (height, arm strength, pocket presence, field vision, etc.).

That said, any concerns about his ability to read defenses, or make adjustments on-the-fly, need to be tempered with the fact that those are things that can be learned; the more snaps Ramsey takes, the better he’ll become.

With that in mind, there is little reason not to believe he won’t be able to push or challenge any one of the guys currently on Georgia’s QB depth chart as the only thing Ramsey will lack coming into the process is experience.

Georgia Recruiting: 2014 Demarre Kitt De-Committed to Give Other Schools a Fair Chance

If you were surprised by the recent de-commitment of 2014 WR prospect Demarre Kitt, you weren’t paying close enough attention.

There were rumors and swirls since the summer that Kitt thought he was a bit too quick in selecting the Bulldogs as his future team. That said, his decision to reopen his commitment and allow teams like Clemson and Southern California to make their pitch did make some wonder if Georgia’s loss to South Carolina the week prior had anything to do with Kitt’s decision (it didn’t, by the way).

Look, 2014 is an eon away for most of these kids and, these days, an early commitment just means you’re in the conversation a little more prominently than another school; it’s by no means binding anymore.

Kitt still has Georgia in the mix, but it will likely take a stronger pitch this time around if the Bulldogs hope to keep his interest.

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