Georgia Bulldogs: I Could Not Resist…

I know it’s so wrong to rub it in, especially when the Gators can still win the East with a Georgia loss, but I couldn’t resist creating this little photo after I saw Jordan Reed crying on the sidelines.


Wrong? Probably. But, so was that little ad some Gator fan(s) placed in the paper last week. All is fair in love and SEC fandom.

Georgia Recruiting: 2013 LB Commit Johnny O’Neal, “I do my talkin’ with my helmet on”

I can tell you this much already about Johnny O’Neal, the kid is a flat-out player. He plays hard, he hits hard, and, much like Jarvis Jones, he lets his play do his talking for him. It will certainly be a pleasure to see him wearing the red and black next season and I suspect that, much like Amarlo Herrerra before him, he’s one of the bigger sleepers for the 2012 class.

Here’s a nice little interview O’Neal recently granted to ESPN DawgNation’s Radi Nabulsi:

So far this season, for the West Laurens Raiders, O’Neal has 48 tackles and two sacks.