Georgia Recruiting: Robert Nkemdiche Says Clemson Still Leads, but Others Are Lurking [VIDEO]

I still say Georgia is the longest of shots given Nkemdiche’s mothers comments and what appears to be a rather sizely chip on his brother Denzel’s shoulders over what he feels was a snub by the Georgia coaching staff. But, recruiting comes down to which relationships mean the most where a top prospect like Robert is concerned and it appears that he’s got plenty to consider where that is concerned.

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Did I Mention the ‘Lady’ Speaks, Too?

My little brother, Adam Cubbage—you may have read/seen his name attached to a post or two here before—has both a blog and a podcast. And since I like to support my family ties whenever I can, I guest spot on his show, “Locker Talk” every Thursday from 1-1:30…despite an overwhelming battle with radio shyness (seriously, I’m much better relaying the written word).

That said, if you ever wanted to connect a voice to ‘The Lady Sportswriter’ moniker, here’s your chance.

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