Georgia Bulldogs: The Journey Has Only Just Begun

After three straight weeks of watching the Georgia Bulldogs put 40 or more points on the board and, essentially, shut down opposing offenses in the second half of games, it’s easy to get ahead of yourself and start believing this…

Georgia Bulldogs: Michael Bennett Chats About Offensive Explosion

I’m not one to get giddy about a big game against an opponent Georgia should have laid waste to, but even I was impressed by the sheer number of ways Georgia was able to get on the board after a slow start Saturday.

Chief among those ways was the passing game and Bulldog receiver Michael Bennett found a way to shake off the hex of three dropped passes at Mizzou last week—in a big way.

Here he speaks on that, Aaron Murray, and what this offensive explosion says about his Georgia Bulldogs as they enter three straight weeks of tough SEC play.

Untitled from Anthony Dasher on Vimeo.

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Georgia Bulldogs: Wherefore Art Thou Tight Ends?

Did I miss something or have the tight ends been very quiet so far this season? While Georgia has long been known for producing great players at the tight end position, the loss of both Aron White and Orson Charles…