Georgia Bulldogs: Michael Bennett, ‘I can do everything, man’

In case you didn’t notice, Michael Bennett is Georgia’s leading receiver so far this season (17 receptions, 265-yards, and two touchdowns), and it’s about time people started giving props where props is due—and maybe, in the process, stop calling Bennett a ‘possession’ receiver because, ya know what, he really hates that!

During Tuesday’s weekly press session, Bennett was asked by a reporter if he considered himself a “possession” receiver, a question to which the redshirt sophomore simply rolled his eyes.

No, no,” Bennett shot back. “I can do everything, man.”

This wasn’t the first time Bennett’s heard the “possession” tag.

“I’m a white guy. … That’s all right. I’m just being a white guy, that’s what they think you are (a possession receiver),” Bennett smiled. “I’ve just got to show them different.” (Anthony Dasher, “Incorrect label”,, 9/18/12) 

I, for one, am glad to see Bennett proving all of his doubters wrong—not that I can say I’m all that surprised by his success—and I hope to see him landing atop a few end of season lists of his own come accolade time.

Below is a little more of the interview with Bennett from yesterday’s post-practice session.

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