Georgia Recruiting: 2013 RB Alvin Kamara, “If I want to go to Georgia, I will go to Georgia”

It’s no secret the Georgia Bulldogs want Alvin Kamara—at least it’s not to any fan whose been following Bulldog recruiting with more than a passing interest— he’s been a longtime staple on the team’s 2013 recruiting wish list.

That said, Kamara made it clear from the beginning that he wasn’t in a hurry to make a decision about his collegiate playing future, and his primary concern for 2012 is with helping his Norcross Blue Devils win a state championship (the Blue Devils finished the regular season undefeated and are heading to the GHSA playoffs). Even so, when Kamara speaks at any length about his recruitment, the Bulldogs aren’t far from his mouth—and even though Georgia recently secured the services of A.J. Turman this week, Kamara remains unfazed.

“Alabama and Georgia are up there as the top two, and Oregon is still trying to talk to me,” Kamara said. “Oregon is out there, but their fast-paced offense is exactly what I do, so I am pretty interested to see what they have to offer.”

…”Seeing Georgia getting a running back commitment does not affect me at all,” Kamara said. “I do not know much about him, but if Georgia offered and he committed, then he must be a high-caliber back. That will not sway my decision at all. If I want to go to Georgia I will go to Georgia.”

His best friend said he and Kamara have discussed the possibility of the two seeing each other across the field next fall.

“We talked about how we would be playing each other next year if he goes to Georgia,” Jenkins said. “I will have to give him a little beat down when he comes to Death Valley.” (Kipp Adams, “Sound Decision”, DawgNation, 11/15/12)

I guess Georgia fans will just have to wait until the Blue Devils finish the post season to find out where Kamara will land.



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