Orson Charles: Please, Don’t Compare Me to Aaron Hernandez

Orson Charles, former starting tight end for the Georgia Bulldogs and current Cincinnati Bengal is still keeping his college allegiances close to his heart. According to a post by Josh Kirkendall of Cincy Jungle, the Bengals fans have visions of Charles teeming up with fellow teammate Jermaine Gresham to form a duo much like the one in New England where Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski have made a serious impact on offense.

However, Charles isn’t having that and is making sure people know that, if anything, the tandem in Cincy will be something all it’s own.

“Thing is I kind of dislike when people say we’ll be like the guys in New England,” Charles said. “I’m not like Hernandez. We’re not like them. We’re going to set something new.”

Now, any lay person would likely translate that into Charles’ way of saying that he wants to blaze his own trail, not be forced to follow that of another. However, I think it’s far more fun to look it as Charles’ way of saying he still hates dem’ Gators—Hernandez, for those who don’t know, is Aaron Hernandez, formerly of the Florida Gators—one of the Georgia Bulldogs’ most hated rivals in the SEC.

Orson Charles/Photo Credit: Joe Robbins, Getty Images

As for how Charles is faring thus far as a pro, he’s already displaying his desire to be one of the best he can be at his position:

When TE Orson Charles (Georgia) wasn’t running routes during rookie minicamp, he could be found in the hip pocket of TEs coach Jonathan Hayes. Few spent more time seeking instruction than the fourth-round pick. “I feel like I have a lot to prove,” Charles said. “In order to be one of the great ones, you have to take strides every day.”

Despite some missteps along the way to the NFL Draft, there are few who would tell you that Charles wasn’t a dedicated teammate and player while at Georgia. He always wanted to make a name for himself and be considered one of the best—that obviously hasn’t changed with his jersey—and hopefully he’ll find success at the next level.


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