NFL Trade Bait: Where Might Kyle Orton Land in 2011?

The Denver Broncos are ready to start the Tim Tebow era in Colorado, and that means they no longer have any use for Kyle Orton. Their price for the team that wants him, a second-round draft pick and that price seems steep when you consider the fact that Orton doesn’t do any one thing great.

While he’s an adept passer, he lacks any type of mobility in the pocket—so he’s often at risk of being sacked…a lot.

He’s got great instincts in the redzone, but he can be hit or miss outside the 20’s.

His ability to find the open target, and hit him in stride is pretty good, but he’s every bit as likely to play it safe and rely on making the short throws all game long. Which, after a while will be sniffed out by opposing defenses—allowing them to cheat up and break-up many a pass play.

Even with all that, though, his 2010 stats were still better than you might have guessed.

He ranked in the upper half of the league in nearly every conceivable passers category—including total yards (3,653), interceptions thrown (4), yards gained per attempt, quarterback rating (87.5), and completions. His problem this year was a lack of protection by the offensive line.

Orton routinely found himself running for his life—which isn’t his strong suit—and that meant a lot of yards lost due to bad sacks, and an inability to get out of his own way.

If a team can give Orton a decent line and a more consistent running game, he can be a serviceable quarterback and there are plenty of teams out there that could use him as a good insurance policy against injury or as a possible stop-gap until a more favorable alternative can be acquired.

Tennessee, Arizona, Carolina, Washington, and Miami all come to mind as possibilities as each of them have issues at the quarterback position— all could do much worse than Orton.

Denver isn’t likely to get their second-round asking price but, if they’re willing to bend—perhaps a third-rounder will suffice—they should have no problem finding a new home for Orton.

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