NFL: Jerome Bettis on Chip Kelly’s NFL Potential, ‘he better have more tricks in his bag’

While half the professional football world appears to be salivating over the potential acquisition of Chip Kelly to whatever fledgling NFL team needs him, former Pro Bowler and Super Bowl Champion running back Jerome Bettis isn’t buying the hype on Kelly—not even a little bit.

If anything, he’s lacing all of those glowing accolades with a few more questions about what he’d actually bring, how he’d bring it, and whether it would have any chance of being successful.

Bettis’ analysis isn’t the only time I’ve seen such questions arise. about Kelly. It was only recently that players in the  Philadelphia Eagles’ organization (one of the teams in the hunt for his services) voiced similar trepidations.

However, Kelly has stated people don’t understand his offensive philosophy one bit if all they see is a gimmicky offense that’s run really fast.

A misperception about Kelly, he said, is that he’s scheme-specific, with a system that might not translate to the NFL. Kelly’s attractiveness to NFL teams is based more on a philosophy of speedy play than his scheme, and he said Wednesday that he adapts to his personnel.

When Eagles fans watch the Fiesta Bowl, they should watch the quick pace of Oregon’s offense. The Ducks rank No. 24 in the Football Bowl Subdivision with 989 plays, and they have the third-most plays of any team that has played only 12 games.

The New England Patriots have taken facets of the offense and applied them in the NFL – with Tom Brady as quarterback, mind you, and not a running threat – and led the league in total plays.(Zach Berman,

In the end, of course, none of this matters, Kelly’s stock is so high right now that he’ll have his pick of jobs . And should he decide to take one of them, he can then go about the business of  proving his ability as a professional head coach. Until then, all of this is just idle chatter.

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