NFL: Former Georgia Bulldog Safety Bacarri Rambo Could Start Early

Washington Redskins safety Bacarri Rambo is making a good impression on the practice field. Photo: Andrew Harnik, The Washington Times)

Former Georgia Bulldog safety Bacarri Rambo expected big things from this year’s NFL Draft, but a few missteps here and there caused his draft stock to fall farther, and faster, then he ever expected. However, nothing clears the air of doubt like a strong performance on the football field and, at least to this point, Rambo has shown up ready to prove that his draft position was not a strong indicator of the type of football player he’s capable of becoming—and it’s paying off for him right now.

Earlier this month at minicamp the Redskins defensive coordinator said the following when asked if it was realistic to think that either Phillip Thomas or Bacarri Rambo could start this year:

“I think one of them. Yeah, I really do think one of them will be on the grass. I’m not sure which one, but one of them I think is going to have to… I think they’ll all help us. I think all three of them are going to help us. I just don’t know to what extent yet.”

So which one will it be? Thomas was the higher draft pick, having been selected in the fourth round (119th overall) while they picked up Rambo in the sixth (191st). But most scouts figured the two players to be roughly equal in terms of talent with the skills to go in the third or fourth round.

…Haslett also praised Rambo’s nose for the ball. “Bacarri is a guy – he’s a really good athlete,” he said. “[He] was a high school quarterback. Also has good ball skills, has the chance to make a lot of plays for you. And that’s what wins in the league.” (Rich Tandler, CSNWashington)

Keep it up Bacarri, I would love to see you doing big things on Sundays.

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