NFL Draft 2013: If You Want a Quarterback, Wait ‘Til Next Year

Matt Barkley is good, but is he a No.1 pick? Photo: Kevin Sullivan/OC Register

You didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to note that the NFL Combine didn’t have one truly standout player at the quarterback position. Sure, USC’s Matt Barkley was there to sell himself (without actually doing any drills) looked and Tennessee’s Tyler Bray likely helped himself by showing what he’s capable of doing (be it consistently or not), but is either one of those guys an “Andrew Luck” or a “Robert Griffin III”? I mean, let’s be honest, the quarterback selection for this year’s draft rests just slightly above mediocre and if I’m in the front office of the Kansas City Chiefs (the owners of the first pick), I’m not bothering to look at a QB before the second-round—if at all—and, apparently, I’m not the only one who holds that opinion.

Of the teams picking in the top 10 of next month’s draft, only the Detroit Lions are set at quarterback with Matthew Stafford.

And there is a good chance none of the other nine teams from Kansas City and Jacksonville to the Eagles, Cleveland and Buffalo select a quarterback with their first pick.

“They shouldn’t,” one highly-regarded personnel man said. “This is the worst quarterback draft since I can remember. You have one who is OK, and I mean just OK, and then the rest are bad.

“But you know some team is going to reach. And I hope they do. I hope a few of them do. Teams are so desperate for quarterbacks, they take chances on guys in the first round who have no business going in the first round. I don’t know what people think. If you’re an average quarterback in college, you’re not going to be a good quarterback in the NFL.”

But what about Geno Smith? The guy who has the arm and the legs to be at least close to something good at the next level. Isn’t he worth a first-round flyer? Surely, the analysts at NFL Network weren’t just paying us lip-service. There’s something there in Smith…right?

“He’s the best, because there isn’t anyone else,” the personnel man stressed. “There isn’t anyone like Cam or Kaepernick or a lot of the guys from last year in this draft. Russell Wilson went in the third round (to Seattle) last year. He would be by far the best in this year’s draft.”

Well…there you go.

One thing is certain, in my mind at least, if the Chiefs opt to take an offensive tackle with their first selection and the New York Jets decide to wait another year to find their quarterback, then we could conceivably make it out of round one without seeing one QB selection. Wouldn’t that be something?

The NFL Draft airs April 25.

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