NFL Draft 2011: "Green To Cincy Makes The Most Sense" Says John Clayton

John Clayton thinks the most logical destination for former Georgia wide receiver, A.J. Green, will be the Cincinnati Bengals at No. 4—Carson Palmer or no Carson Palmer. That offense is built around the passing game and with Terrell Owens out and Chad OchoCinco likely on his way to free agency soon, the Bengals will be looking to add some young, playmaking talent.

If not them, the Browns are still a very good possibility at the No. 6 spot—assuming they don’t decide to select Julio Jones. The Browns need receiver help and Green would not only fill that role, but would be just the impact guy they need to expand their offense and give Colt McCoy more viable options in the passing game.

Here’s what John Clayton had to say:

Either way, it sounds like Green will be selected in the Top 10.

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