NFL Combine 2013: Mike Mayock, “you have to be careful with [Alec] Ogletree”

Alec Ogletree has performed well at the combine, but nothing about his performance there has stood out. Photo: ESPN

Mike Mayock is a chatty Cathy come NFL Combine and draft time and he’s had plenty to say about former Georgia linebacker Alec Ogletree.

Ogletree, arrested in Arizona for a DUI just days before the start of the combine, is thought by many to be a first-round talent, but his off-field issues have caused some to reconsider taking him in the Top 10 or 15 picks because of uncertainty surrounding his character.

For his part, Ogletree views his mistakes as a part of his transition into adulthood, but Mayock isn’t so sure his antics are over just yet and feels teams should be careful when considering Ogletree for a potential high draft pick (Ogletree reported spoke to both Kansas City and Philadelphia in Indianapolis; both teams have selections in the Top 10):

“I’m a good person at heart,” Ogletree said. “Everybody makes mistakes. I feel real bad about the situation. I’m learning from it and I’m moving forward.”

Mayock characterized Ogletree as an elite athlete, but urged caution given how often the linebacker has made bad decisions.

“You have to be careful with Ogletree,” Mayock said. “He’s a top-10 talent physically, but where he is with positive drug tests, DUIs and all of the rest I have to figure out.”

Whether teams place Ogletree back into Top 15 consideration is anyone’s guess, but he’s performed decently enough at the combine to remain on the radars of more than a few NFL GM’s and, if he plays his cards right, it’s hard to imagine him lasting for very long—at the very worst, he’ll be taken in the Top 20, if not before—and I certainly can’t see him falling to the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens as has been discussed a lot over the last day or so.

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